Lucas Parry



Stage, spaces and production

Creating the right environment is paramount in communicating powerful stories, facilitating worship and encouraging community. It may not always be noticed by the crowds, but it is always felt. The underlying principles of design are applied to create compelling spaces that lead to engagement in worship.

“Worship is the strategy by which we interrupt our preoccupation with ourselves and attend to the presence of God. “ – Eugene Peterson

Over the years I have created helped to create inspiring spaces in worship auditoriums, touring stages and ministry campus’. Partnering with national integrators to design, build and install new audio, visual and lighting systems to support these epic spaces.

Every week it takes an army of production volunteers to pull off a successful weekend service with multi-sites, streaming, video, IMAG, lighting and sound. I specialize in building robust training and leadership pipelines that can take an unskilled volunteer and move them to become a high capacity team member, skilled in their craft and able to mentor others.



  • Audio

  • lighting

  • Video

  • Training and Development

  • Streaming

  • Multi-site Technology

  • Design Thinking

  • AVL Design and Installation