Lucas Parry


Marketing and Creative

branding, Film, print, web and Social

Over the years I have assembled and lead award winning creative teams that have delivered outstanding work in branding, film, print, web and social. I believe in the power of story and its ability to inspire people to action.

As an early adopter of technology and an avid learner, I have honed my skills in creative direction, consumer and product marketing, communications and PR and to push these stories to reach the largest amount of people possible.

I specialize in product vision, rapid interactive prototyping, agile development, design sprints, user experience testing, social media, branding and building long-range strategic plans for organizations.

I enjoy watching the life and vigor brand development invokes across an organization and its community as it is consistently deployed.

I’m passionate about developing others and building communities where creatives can be inspired, learn and grow. At Venture Christian Church I launched a ministry called Creative Community that hosted 8-week creative workshops, three times a year and trained over 800 people in the arts. This resulted in releasing hundreds of new volunteers across our church, launching new ministries and gave creatives unique opportunities to serve.

Stories told well can change literally the world!

For consulting, collaboration or speaking requests please contact me below.



  • Creative direction

  • marketing

  • Brand development

  • team building

  • communications

  • PR

  • storytelling

  • training


Brand and style guide for Church of the Chimes

Style guide for Congo


Series Bumper for The Real God

Beautiful Day 2016 | Recap

Based on a sermon by A.W. Tozer, this was played live during an instrumental section of our Easter worship.

Spoken word sermon bumper for Jesus Unfiltered Series: John 7:37-44

Fearless Living | Series Bumper

Here's a brief look at what Faith Promise is, what we've done through Faith Promise in 2016, and what we're planning to do in 2017 to transform the world for Christ.
Malorie told us her amazing story of struggling through the loss of a parent, fighting with an eating disorder, and searching for someone to tell that she is worthy. Hear how she discovered her worth and value in Christ.
The Affero Project is a grassroots online community of global justice advocates who join together to give small change every month and vote to decide where the money goes. Its simple: You Give, You Vote, You Decide.


Posters displayed across campus during our missions month.

Brochure promoting Creative Community workshops for the arts.

Family Conference promo mailer


Sermon series social buzz

New website and branding

Sermon series social buzz

New HTML template for weekly emails to church community

Easter service social invitation