Lucas Parry

Lucas Parry

Marketer | Entrepreneur | Humanitarian

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G’day, my name is Lucas. Born in Australia, living in the Silicon Valley, CA. I love big ideas that can change the world, all-things creative, and cutting-edge technology. In my spare time you’ll probably find me exploring the outdoors, building strategic plans, or tinkering with a new idea.



For the past 20+ years I’ve been focussed on mobilizing people in the global fight against poverty. I’ve worked with tech start-ups and non-profits leading creative, marketing, communication, product and event teams. Through the years I’ve presented on hundreds of stages and shared stories from the 30+ countries I’ve traveled and lived in while engaged in humanitarian work.

Most recently, I am the founder of Glow, a powerful new technology with a goal of unleashing radical generosity all around the world… And the co-creator of, a SaaS platform that automates video post-production helping consumer brands, non-profits, and small business’ share their stories faster to the world.